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Rudy Rahme

Posted: Aug 17 2010

Rudy Rahme

How it began
‘Pierre-Yves Rochon, the interior designer of the hotel, wanted me to create an artwork depicting Lebanon that would fill the space behind the staircase.’

The work
‘It’s 9x4.5m and made up of six pieces. It took seven months to create. It’s a mixed media piece where I used my patented technique of mixing charcoal and colours I get from rocks, and shows images found throughout Lebanon – from snow and mountains, to the cedars and villages. I’ve also drawn the Kadisha Grotto and River. Towards the bottom are symbols of all the civilizations that have lived here before – rocks, pillars, an amphitheatre and ancient arches.’

Why it suits the hotel
‘I like the contrast between the ancient features in this artwork and the modern interiors of the hotel.’

The importance of showing art outside of art galleries
‘One would never be able to create art on such a large scale inside an art gallery. This allows people to be introduced to new artists and become educated about art, as they’re obliged to look at it when they pass. Three thousand people might pass through the hotel each month – that’s much more than I’d get in my gallery. Having art outside of art galleries allows the city to become a museum and is a great way to culture a society.

What general manager Stefan Simkovics has to say about art in hotels
‘Art adds value and beauty to all other interior decoration or material use. It is like an identity that marks the hotel.’

While you’re there
Ask to see the carved and calligraphy works created by the Tarazi family in Broumana.

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