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Badaro landmarks in danger

Posted: Nov 07 2012

Badaro landmarks in danger

The quaint area of Badaro is about to witness a tremendous change. Indeed, many of its iconic buildings are about to be demolished. Among the most significant of these structures is Amine Maalouf’s house. The residence of the author of The Rock of Tanios and the first Lebanese to receive the highest honor given by the French cultural institution; l’Academie Francaise is threatened by our very own Ministry of Culture.

Indeed ‘K’, a construction company has been pressuring the ministry of Culture to permit the demolition the beautiful and well-preserved building in the direct vicinity of the National Museum and of the DGA (General Directorate of Antiquities) in order to replace it with yet another skyscraper that litter our skyline.

Save Beirut Heritage met with ministry advisors and the minister himself in order to try and convince them of the significance of this building. Yet now it seems like they gave in to the pressure of permitting the demolition of this cultural landmark. The ministry has confirmed that unless public action is taken, a demolition permit will be signed in the coming days, allowing yet another cultural symbol to disappear in the name of greed and development.

In addition, another significant and well-preserved building in Badaro might be demolished in the near future. This style of architecture was revolutionary in the 1960’s and was featured in the prestigious Architectural Digest. Again, as the world praises our cultural heritage, we fail to recognize it ourselves.

For more details and information, you may contact Save Beirut Heritage on +961 71 011 310 or via email on

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