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Coke Studio Bel 3arabi Season 2 to debut on MBC4

Posted: May 30 2013

Coke Studio Bel 3arabi Season 2 to debut on MBC4

Following the region-wide success of Season 1, the second season of Coke Studio “Bel 3arabi” (in Arabic) is set to captivate the viewers and pump up the region since it debuted on MBC4 on April 25th. The show is a unique creation and production by
Coca-Cola and enhanced through a partnership with the world’s music leader, Universal Music, and the region’s leading broadcasting network, MBC Group. It provides a unique platform where multiple fusions are celebrated, including the fusion of East and West, generations, cultures and musical genres.

Each episode delves into the lives of the artists and their music genre of choice, while showing behind the scenes footage of artists singing songs for the first time and pushing their boundaries in both musical talent and cultural understanding.

Commenting on Coca-Cola’s ambitions for the second season, Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Coca-Cola Middle East said: “Coca-Cola is all about providing refreshing experiences and spreading happiness while uniting people. This is why we’re looking to widen the program’s footprint for the second season. We want to raise the profile of Arabic music on the global stage and the level of cross cultural conversation further this year.”

Patrick Boulos, Managing Director, Universal Music MENA added, “We are very proud of the association with Coca-Cola and MBC Group. The Coke Studio project was one of the most challenging yet exciting experiences that we have ever done in this region as it is the first time ever that we managed to bridge East and West and produce smashing hit tracks with such an incredible assembly of global and local superstars.”

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