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Dinner in the sky

Posted: Sep 07 2010

Dinner in the sky

If earth is no longer floating your boat, then Alf Events has definitely got something that will please you to the skies. A concept that started out in Belgium, Dinner in the Sky has elevated the dining experience, partnering with people in 38 countries around the world. In a nutshell, it’s a platform that allows for groups to take their gatherings to a whole new level, both literally and metaphorically. Courtesy of a massive crane and fancy German engineering, guests can be wined and dined while safely floating 60 metres above the ground.

You might be asking yourself ’Who on earth would want to do that?’ The concept will probably mostly attract companies looking
to throw peerless events for their VIP clients, whether a dinner party, corporate launch or a simple conference – but last October, Dinner in the Sky also hosted ten of the world’s biggest chefs in a five-day happening, where they shared their glorious creations. If you’re still not convinced that an initiative like this would seal the deal, Forbes voted it one of the world’s most extravagant meals. The platform has also been used to overlook concerts, sports events and popular scenery around the world, in addition to
hosting poker sessions, product launches and even weddings, on a sister platform called Marriage in the Sky.

Lebanese Businessman Alfred Asseily (of Beirut’s La Table D’Alfred and Capital A) got in on the action, and is bringing this state-of-the-art development to Lebanon this May. ‘People need to understand that we’re selling an idea and not a table,’ says the young restaurateur, who has re- cently launched Alf Events, the PR company that is meant to be managing Dinner in the Sky. Asseily explained that the price as well as the terms of leasing this facility will be determined by the type of event. Customers can customise the platform to suit their theme, or brand it for sponsorship. The 22-seater is generally available for sessions of eight hours at a time, and could cost around $15,000. As for the location, the crane can be installed on the client’s property; otherwise, Alf events can provide a choice spot such as BIEL. So, care to party higher than Sky Bar this summer? Fly the coop into the wild blue yonder.

Events are already being booked. Call Alf Events (01 564558, 70 647484) for more details.

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Fee From $120 per person up to $350 - minimum number of people is two
If you would like to update the above details, please send your changes here.


  1. Posted by Sara seklawy on Mon May 21

    Hi plz this thursday is my wedding anniversary i want two seats but i want a number for reservations plz help me but i m pregnant is that ok ??

  2. Posted by Delta on Mon Sep 19

    Coming from London this concept is really old and tired - in fact it did not start in Belguim it started in Cape Town South Africa about 10 years ago

  3. Posted by Aya on Fri Aug 5

    Hello, please i just want to know if i want to reserve after two weeks. when do i have to confirm, my reservation . thnks alot

  4. Posted by amea on Fri Aug 5

    hi, i just want to have a number to reserve for 2 persons, and to know where is it exactly nowaday? in Biel?

  5. Posted by caroline jaber on Sun Aug 29

    no the minimum number of people is two, you dont have to reserve all the 22 seats... and its starting from 120 $ per person up to 350$....

  6. Posted by malik on Fri Jul 23

    how much is the minimum price

  7. Posted by Time Out Beirut on Fri Jul 16

    Dear Yasmin, We would suggest you give Alf events a call because it depends on many facts like the time needed, the event type if it's an event and even for info about group rates. We hope you will enjoy this original experience. Time Out Team

  8. Posted by Yasmin on Fri Jul 16

    Hello, do we have to reserve all the 22 seats?! and how much does it cost per person?

  9. Posted by natacha on Fri Jul 9

    How much does it cost?

  10. Posted by Time Out Beirut on Tue Jun 15

    Hello Aya, Thank you for letting us know, we have updated the new number above, and we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to all the readers who tried calling and to the owner of the previous tel number. Time Out Team

  11. Posted by aya on Tue Jun 15

    Hello i just want to say that the number above is wrong and the lady answering is crazy mad :)

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