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Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group

Posted: Jun 21 2010

Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group

The 2010 Futsal Championship was organized by the Syndicate of Bank Employees in Lebanon between March 15 and June 9. It was held at the Emile Lahoud Stadium in Dekwaneh, Mar Roukoz and Bank Audi sal - Audi Saradar Group was crowned champion for the fifth time.

Eighteen banks operating in Lebanon participated in this annual event, including Bank Al Ahli Al Douwali, Al Mawared Bank, Arab Finance House, Audi Saradar Group, Bank of Beirut, Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World, Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries (BBAC), Banque Libanaise pour le Commerce (BLC), BLOM Bank, Byblos Bank, Crédit Libanais, First National Bank, Fransabank, IBL Bank, Lebanese Canadian Bank, Middle East and Africa Bank, and Standard Chartered.

The Audi Saradar Group competed against BLC, Lebanese Canadian Bank and Al Mawared Bank as well as Byblos Bank, Bank of Kuwait and the Arab World and IBL Bank during the first six rounds. They finally won the final round against Bank of Beirut with a score of 5-7, after two last minute goals were scored before the final whistle.

The values of Bank Audi which encompass transparency, human capital, heritage, quality, civic role and innovation were portrayed on  the team member’s black and gold attire. The outfits contained an illustration of a football carrying these mentioned values.  Playing under the motto "Synchronised Performance to Optimise Your Potential" the winning team included Sarkis Abadjian, Rabih Abou-Chaaya, Georges Aoun, Antoine Chamaa, Jean Fadel, Chahine El-Hayeck, Kassem Fawaz, Hassan Hammoud, Ahmad Hawila, Pierre Helou, Ali Jbeily, Kassem Kawsan, Walid Khoury, Hassan Krayem, Mohamad Krayem, Ahmad Mansour, Georges Mayne, Ali Morsel, Fadi Tannous, Hassan Zaytoun, and Rabih Zein, and was coached by Dory Zakhour.

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