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Interview: Lamice

Posted: Jul 19 2011

Interview: Lamice

What is an ‘e-business artist’ you may ask. Enter Lamice, a musician, business woman and fierce supporter of the digital world. She’s launched a new single ‘Summer Days’ for free on the web – a song dedicated to multicultural awareness, friendship and of course the summer. She spoke to Time Out Beirut about her thoughts on the digital future of music.

Who is Lamice?
Lamice is a multi-skilled, multicultural, multitask person. I think I am one of the coming generation of people who needs to do many things because we have multiple talents we want to explore and express. The challenge for me as a business consultant, artist and someone who’s very sociable is to put all those talents together and try to make it as a living.

What do you think of yourself as first? As an entrepreneur, as a business woman, as a musician?
I have defined it myself as an e-business artist. When it came the time to write the press release, it was like ‘OK, am I an artist? I am, but not only. Am I a business woman? Yes, but not only.’ It was all included, so I labeled it ‘e-business artist’ – ‘e’  because I am totally into the digital world. I don’t want to be tangible. I want the music and the project to be very adapted to technology, because that means reaching the world, the people living abroad and the people you love. ‘Business’, because I’m the one setting up this strategy; the marketing vision. The artist because I’m also a composer and singer. This song has been written by one of my best friends, it was inspired by many people, so it’s more about others than myself.

Why did you decide to launch it for free on the web?
First of all, this song has been written with friends in a very intense summer with very strong emotions, and it was based around the value of friendship. When I decided to launch this song as an e-single it was because I wanted to dedicate the first step of my new career to the people who always inspired me. It’s a song that belongs to everyone and a song that is something most people experience. I decided to give it to them. I hope that when people listen to this song they’ll feel that maybe it’s their story too. You can download it, share it and dedicate it to your friends.

Do you think music should be open to everybody for free?
[Puts on a funny voice] Yeah... It’s also my vision as an e-business entrepreneur – how content should be shared and distributed online. When we talk about art and culture, I talk about the message of giving it to people. If we talk about business now, I consider that yeah, nowadays, the songs can be free for people. It’s not piracy in my eyes. It will be piracy if people take it and sell it, but for people to take it and share it, for me it’s the best thing that can happen. Even if there are some people fighting against it, this is how it has to be and how I think it will be.

So you think the future is music for free?
I consider that we have to be more creative when we decide to sell something. We have to take the chance with technology and this is what I did. I look at things as a transversal business not I am doing [just] music, or I’m doing cinema or books or press. We are in a digital world that allows you to put everything in the same chain of value and the same chain of production. If you look at the other things that we have diversified in like the iPhone application, the multi-language karaoke, it’s also another way to add music and consume it differently. Each industry is suffering because things are becoming intangible and electronic. If you look at each industry they all have the same problem, but they all consider that they’re the one having the problem. No, look at the whole digital world and see that there are so many things we can do altogether. As a little entrepreneur it was not so complicated to think about doing things differently.

What’s the multilingual karaoke?
I’ve been living in France and my friends are Lebanese and French but also I’ve met Brazilian, Venezuelan, Italian and they love the songs. I thought let’s do a karaoke in which we can sing in one language and then the other. So we started in English, then Brazilian-Portuguese, then in Italian. When you go online you can either sing the language of your friend and he sings yours. We have a partnership with, which is a website that allows you to record the song with or without the videocam, sing it with your friends and then get rated. So this was a way that allowed us to reach the object of the song. Just take it for yourself, do your own interpretation and share it with friends. This is your song.

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