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Posted: Aug 11 2011


The Zookeeper *
Dir. Frank Coraci. 104mins. Empire Theatres, Grand Cinemas, Circuit Planete, July 21

Movie review
From Time Out New York

Fans of the spectacle of Kevin James falling over (nine times in 104 minutes!) and shockingly brazen product placement ('Is T.G.I. Friday’s as incredible as it looks?') may dig this deranged comedy; everyone else will be scratching their heads. So animals can talk, they just choose not to? Yet they break millions of years of silence to help James get laid? Said creatures, including a monkey voiced by Adam Sandler, offer their advice on how to win back a zookeeper’s stuck-up ex (Bibb), though their suggestions - mark your territory, growl like a bear - would only work on a woman into bestiality. Too bad she isn’t; it would have made for a much more interesting film.

Author: Matt Singer

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