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Top 10 cocktails in Beirut

Posted: Nov 16 2012

Top 10 cocktails in Beirut

Somewhere in town, there's a bartender just waiting to mix your new favourite cocktail. Time Out Beirut shows you where to find it.

The Anaconda
Human beings are by nature attracted to things that are bad for them. This goes to explain the god-awful 1997 horror film Anaconda, for example. Or deciding to add a splash of Toulouse Lautrec’s favourite green fairy, Absinthe, to the Liquid Cocaine shot. Or, in fact, drinking it. This toxic treat is served at Moloko – enjoy. LL8,000. Moloko Pub (03 289707) Monot Str, Achrafieh.

Presidente Margarita
A light and pleasant twist on the classic with brandy to boot. If you’re looking to make a night of it, this margarita bar has countless variations to keep things interesting. LL16,400. Chili’s (01 571157) Gouraud Str, Gemmayzeh.

Real lime juice and a tequila brand-blend make for a classic Margarita; a drink that’s bracingly refreshing, both sweet and tart with a bite from the salted rim. LL15,000. Joe Pena’s (01 449906) Hnneine Bldg, Boutros Dagher Str, Gemmayzeh.

Piña Dream

Fresh fruit and the scent of coconut will coax your senses out of hibernation. A sweet and sour delight with a teasing hint of rum, this drink’s citrus element provides a balanced finish. Fly (03 030340) 6th Floor, Virgin Megastore, Al Shouhada Str, Downtown.

Espresso Martini
The taste of coffee is subtle yet still present as espresso infuses smoothly with the vodka. Straightforward and revitalising, this treat can be enjoyed in the afternoon or any hour of the night. LL25,000. Bar ThreeSixty (01 962888) Le Gray Hotel, Martyrs’ Sq, Downtown.

Thick chocolate syrup melting into a refined cocktail make this a dessert for adults. The creamy texture isn’t overbearing, with a gentle kick of mild caffeine and rum. We reckon you’ll be ordering a second round. LL13,000. 37° Bar and Grill (01 203215) Monot Main Alley, Monot, Achrafieh.

French 75
The 75-millimeter M1897, a light, potent little gun with a vicious rate of fire, was the mainstay of the French field artillery in World War II. Me, I am the throttling liquid version. I am the heavy artillery, the bullet that shoots straight through your bloodstream. The product of the ramblings of French jet fighter Raoul Lufbery, I’m a war-child; the shell of cognac, champagne, lemon juice and sugar. Don’t even think of adulterating my spunk with Cointreau or the like. Of all the many champagne-and-liquor combinations known to contemporary mixology, I am the master of élan. Two of me, and you’ll be fighting to defend Madonna’s honour (or at least the dodgy lookalike at the end of the bar). Reservoir Beirut (01 801411) Chinese Restaurant Bldg, Farid Trad Str, Verdun.

Tom Collins
‘Have you seen Tom Collins?’. I am the 1874 hoax that swept the streets and pubs of Pennsylvania and New York. I am the scoundrel at the bar across the street that was bad mouthing you and your family. Just the thought of me gets you wild. If you’re in on the scam, you know who I am. Even newspapers wanted a piece of the fun. I’m the ghost you chase down, making room at the bar for your swindler. Today, I am a cocktail of gin, lemon juice, very fine sugar, and carbonated water garnished with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry. Shake me, strain me, chug me down and numb your nerves for the moment when the sap comes back with no head for BS and punches you straight in the mouth. Plum Bar (01 326484, 70 907274) 83 Monot Str, Monot.

Cucumber and Mint Martini
This strong, crisp drink is arguably the martini version of a facial: mint and cucumber are both widely known for their antitoxins and nutritional value. We can’t vouch for the gin, however, but Hendrick’s’ extra cucumber and rose petals make it one of the best brands around. Great for green-fingers who fancy an alcoholic extension to their environmental inklings. LL17,000. The Greedy Goose (01 337883) Monot Str, Monot.

Porcish Hole
A dollop of bacon fat inside your drink might sound nasty but fear not. Invented by Rabbit Hole’s own Ralph Malak, the fat is actually infused within the pure malt, and contains plenty of natural endorphins (the ‘feel-good’ hormone). Tastes smoky, spicy and fruity, with a smooth basil aftertaste. LL15,000. Rabbit Hole (03 803912) Makdissi St, Hamra.

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