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Armenian restaurants

Posted: May 27 2013

Armenian restaurants

The atmosphere of this wildly popular restaurant is traditional, as is the food, which draws the real Armenian crowd. Order a selection of spicy mezze, and try the souberag – an Armenian take on lasagna.

Onno’s small beige upstairs dining room under the unlovely Bourj Hammoud flyover is host to some of the best Armenian food in Beirut. Order the kebab with dark cherries and small birds cooked in pomegranate sauce.

Cooked by the Armenian housewives of Bourj Hammoud, Badguèr’s food is more a cultural than a chef showcase, offering a hearty, grandmotherly take on the homeland’s cuisine.

Once you’ve tracked Varouj down prepare for one of the city’s most original dining experiences, even if the whole thing is a little Fawlty Towers. Allow the owner to order for you and enjoy some fine Armenian specialties.

An exquisite family joint tucked away between the bougainvillea-strewn architectural survivors of Mar Mikhael. Try the mortadella and the muhammara (garlicky sausages served with a walnut and pomegranate syrup dip).

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