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Ask the expert: Dr Dany Touma

Posted: Nov 17 2011

Ask the expert: Dr Dany Touma

These black rings make us look tired, if not ill. They are often very obvious and can be difficult to cover up. Though traditionally hard to get rid of, their treatment may be a lot easier than you think.

There are many causes of dark circles. Most commonly in the Middle East it’s excessive pigmentation, which is hereditary and affects upper and lower eyelids. In this case sun protection, with sun glasses and sun block, is essential. Bleaching creams are not very effective because they are poorly tolerated by the thin and sensitive skin of the eyelids. Combination lasers provide the best tool for removing pigmentation, selectively destroying and removing the unwanted pigment.

In other cases, the appearance of dark circles is due to loss of or insufficient soft tissue under the lower eyelid, leading to a ‘tear trough’, which looks darker due to shadowing. This is usually treated with fillers, which should be meticulously selected and injected in order to get a natural and smooth result.

Lastly, some people have a combination of thin skin, and lack of subcutaneous fat, which makes the dark underlying muscle visible. Poor sleep and poor circulation worsen the appearance of dark circles under their eyes. Lasers and other treatments that enhance circulation can help those patients.

Treatment starts from $350.

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  1. Posted by malek kabbara on Mon Nov 14

    I need 2 c u 4 treatment plz what i got 2 do! !???

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