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Cute Cupid couple treatment

Posted: Feb 23 2012

Cute Cupid couple treatment

What is it?
A treatment billed as a ‘journey for two’: a salt scrub, chocolate body paint and VIP suite that will make you forget everything but each other.

What does it involve?
The couple strips down before going into separate rooms for warm salt scrubs. Once sufficiently smooth, they meet in a private shower  where bowls of warm chocolate await. Painting each other in sugar is a sensual experience, but it can also be comic – especially if you notice your partner licking chocolateoff his own arm. Rinse off, robe up and go back to your private suite, where a Jacuzzi, steam room, shower and Japanese bed are yours for the next two hours. Fresh fruit and chocolate cake are left by the bed; feed each other if you work up an appetite.

How long is the treatment?
Two hours.

How much does it cost?

The verdict?

She says: Forget the romantic getaway I’ve been hinting at – this is all I need. Being alone in a candle-lit room sprinkled with rose petals, what can you do but get lost in the moment? I certainly left with an afterglow (let’s just say it’s from the salt scrub).

He says: It’s like being a sultan in a private hammam, where everything is just for you. My skin felt awesome, love was in the air and birds were singing. Literally, because there was a nature soundtrack playing in the background. I also liked leaving my wet towel lying around without someone telling me to put it in the laundry

Essential Spa (01 802715) Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut, General de Gaulle Ave, Raouche

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